Welcome, on and all!I am Soraya, known by some as Sora.Hello, darling

Now that you're here, would you like to know more about me? I'd ask the same of you, but that's a bit out of my ability.

As you know, I'm Soraya. 15 y/o wench from the bay area with an interest for many things. These include, but are not limited to;

God I fucking love d&d. I have far too many characters and know far too much about optimization. My favorite race is gnomes and my favorite class is the wizard. If you'd ever like to play in a one shot, I have a few written. Fuck you, Twilight cleric.

Okay, I lied. I despise politics and the state of the world, but I find politics interesting. I find economic theory interesting but hate the people who write it. I'm an anarcho-communist but not in a cringe way you'll just have to trust me on that, I swear I'm not a politigrammer with a picrew profile picture who thinks you can brew your own estrogen out in the wilds.

I am intrigued by sciences aside from physics and chemistry (rot in hell physics and chemistry). I especially like learning about world cultures, prehistory (the devonian period and pleistocene are my favorite), and urban design. I would like to be an urban planner when I grow up.

I play the harp, which influences my taste in music. I've been playing since October of 2021. My favorite genres of music are classical (early romantic era or late classical is my favorite), Celtic music, and jazz.On occaison, I will do a wee bit of composing of said genres.